Saturday, July 14, 2012

Raindrops are falling....

We've been getting a LOT of rain this week.  After the Texas drought last year, we needed all the rain we could get, so even though it caused some local flooding, the rain was appreciated.

So all this rain got me thinking about creating a rainy scene in Vue d'Esprit and I'm quite happy with the way it came out.

There were a couple of challenges in the piece -- how to create the actual rain drops and how to make the water surface look like raindrops were hitting it, all inside Vue and without the need for post work in Photoshop.  But I found the tools I needed and was able to pull it together (well, I think so anyway, I hope others like it too).
Rainy Day at the Lake Poster
Rainy Day at the Lake Poster by 3DDesignsByJayne

I'm in the process now of creating some other products with it -- a mousepad, iPad sleeve, laptop sleeve etc.  I'm also going to create some cards with it, and maybe some postage.

So now it's raining again outside, I decided to have a look around Zazzle, and see what other rain-inspired designs I could find.

Here are just a few that caught my eye:

I love the inspirational quote on this fridge magnet from CookingandMe at Zazzle

This adorable poster is from an original painting by Gordon Bruce.

I've always admired the paintings by Gustave Caillebotte, depicting a rainy Paris in the late 1800's such as this one from VintageGftStore at Zazzle.

I love the simplicity of this pink umbrella poster by Tasha at Zazzle. It's such a cheery poster.

I'm going to have to post this fridge magnet with a gardening quote on my gardening blog - Green and Serene - Jayne's Country Garden. It's so true!

One of the joys of rainy days is being able to sit warm and dry inside and watch the magical rainy, misty world outside through the raindrops on the windows.

This is captured beautifully in this postcard by Susan Savad.
Finally, this rain-spattered iPhone case looks very realistic.
I could go on and on... but now it's your turn.
If you are a Zazzle artist or designer, you're invited to link to your rainy day themed designs in the Linky tool below. Use Option 1 in the Link Widget on the page of the Zazzle product/design you'd like to add. It will show up below as a small thumbnail and when clicked on, will link directly to your product.


  1. Thank you for including my magnet, "Magnets with Garden Quotes". I love the flowers and often take photos of flowers to use for magnets, etc. I love your Blog too!

  2. Very nice rain scene! Feels like I'm standing under a gazebo looking out at the pond. I also love that pink umbrella poster by Tasha.

  3. Thank you :) Beautiful post, I love the rain!

  4. Hi Jayne - fascinating post! We usually grumble about the rain, especially when we get as much as we've had this summer. But it definitely has its upside!

    (I hope I did it right! That's my goose in the rain on a mug).