Monday, October 1, 2012

Give Thanks for Thanksgiving!

Here we are now in October and once again, I'm lagging behind in my blogging!   I'm just too busy creating art these days! Haha!

Before I get going with this post, I want to thank everyone who added links to their wonderful Halloween designs in the Linky tool at the end of my last post, Summer is Over, Get Ready for Halloween.

Reading my post again inspired me to make some new Halloween creations of my own, including this Trick or Treat goodie bag.
And I made this cute little Patchwork Applique Halloween card last weekend.
Applique Style Patchwork Halloween Card
Applique Style Patchwork Halloween Card by 3DDesignsByJayne

Even though it's not even Halloween yet, my mind has moved on to Thanksgiving.  (Kind of like in Hobby Lobby where the Halloween stuff gets puts out on the shelves while I'm still trying to find July 4th decorations, and the Christmas decorations are out already in September!)

I started out by creating a Thanksgiving card for my store at Greeting Card Universe. Then I added it to my Zazzle store too.

I like to use my designs on different items, so I started thinking what else I could create using this design.

I hit on the idea of creating placemats when I was cleaning some rather old and battered placemats that have seen quite a few Holiday seasons. I also added the design to a plate and a tile/trivet.  Thinking about it now, I'm pretty sure I can change the size slightly and wrap it around a mug, a teapot etc.  But that's a project for tomorrow night after work!


Now it's time to look at just a few of the wonderful items the talented artists and designers on Zazzle have created.

If you're sending out cards or invitations for your Thanksgiving celebration, adding a Thanksgiving postage stamp is a nice touch. This digitally painted stamp by Cheries Art has a lovely country flair to it.
Plaid Border Happy Thanksgiving Stamp
Plaid Border Happy Thanksgiving Stamp by Cheries_Art

There's an almost overwhelming selection on Thanksgiving cards, from the traditional, such as this one by Vintagecards ...
... to the amusing, such as this "I'm Thankful for Vegans" card by koncepts ...

Thankful Turkey Greeting Cards
Thankful Turkey Greeting Cards by koncepts
Browse more Thanksgiving Cards

This personalized Thanksgiving recipe book by cutencomfy is a wonderful way to keep the family recipes together and pass them down to the next generation.

And speaking of recipes, of course the cook has to have his or her very own apron such as this Gobble Gobble apron from Holiday Shirts.
What could say "Thanksgiving" better than football and turkey?
Football and Turkey PERFECT! Apron
Football and Turkey PERFECT! Apron by sportydesigns

The designers on Zazzle have created such a great range of Thanksgiving T-shirts it's hard to know where to start, but for myself,  I particularly like this classic Thanksgiving design by Memory Lane.
Autumn Harvest T Shirt
Autumn Harvest T Shirt by Memory_Lane

I laughed out loud when I saw the next two T-shirts.  After all, everyone has their preference!  I just wish I had thought of this first!

Are you, or is someone you know a "Breast Man" or a "Thigh Man"?

These are just a few of the items I noticed. There are many, many more.

Now it's your turn.

If you're a Zazzle designer, you are invited to add a link to your Thanksgiving cards or other items in the Linky Tool below.

Use Option 1 in the Link Widget on the page of the Zazzle product/design you'd like to add. It will show up below as a small thumbnail and when clicked on, will link directly to your product.