Sunday, January 5, 2014

Gifts for Gardeners

When I'm not working at my day job, or working on designs and artwork for my Zazzle store, I'm a keen gardener.  I'm proud of the fact that my garden is a certified Wildlife Habitat.

And being the beginning of a new year, I'm all itching to get out in the garden and get working.  But it's cold and windy outside today, which is keeping me indoors.

Okay, so we're not buried in snow as much of the country is.  But it's windy and in the mid 40's here.  Pretty chilly for Texas.

So any gardening I do today will be the armchair variety - looking through catalogs and planning etc.

Then I started thinking that considering I'm such a keen gardener,  I don't have much of a selection of gifts for gardeners in my store, other than some items featuring photographs of the birds, butterflies and flowers that I have taken in the garden.

Here's one of my current items, a Macbook Pro sleeve featuring a photo I took of a Swallowtail butterfly on some Dallas Red Lantana:

This beautiful daylily was practically glowing in the sun when I took this photo:

Here's another butterfly photograph from my garden. This time it's a Question Mark butterfly, available on a wrapped canvas or as a print.


When I did a simple search for "gifts for gardeners" on Zazzle, I realized how much there is to offer. From three ring binders that can be used for garden journals (how come I never thought of that?) to fridge magnets, T-shirts and aprons. The list is endless.

Here are just some of the wonderful gifts for gardeners I found from the many talented artists and designers on Zazzle:

This three ring binder from TheBindery can be customized with your name and is a great way to keep all your garden notes together.

Garden Journal Custom 1.5" Binder
Garden Journal Custom 1.5" Binder by thebindery
View Garden Binders online at zazzle

This apron from designer Spice features a cute little gardener bear with a wheelbarrow and hoe, who says 'Gardeners know all the dirt'.

Garden Tips #1 - Know Dirt Apron
Garden Tips #1 - Know Dirt Apron by Spice
Create a one-of-a-kind customized apron at

This refrigerator magnet from earthdaygardens includes the phrase 'He who plants a garden plants happiness.'

Plant Happiness. Plant a Garden. Veggie Magnet
Plant Happiness. Plant a Garden. Veggie Magnet by earthdaygardens
Look at more Vegetable garden Magnets at zazzle

I love the wording on this T-shirt by baxella - so true! We optimistically plant things, hoping they will grow into something beautiful.

Gardening Is An Exercise in Optimism Tee Shirts
Gardening Is An Exercise in Optimism Tee Shirts by baxella
Check out more For gardners T-Shirts at Zazzle

Gardeners don't really need an excuse to garden, but if they did - this mug from Quotings includes a good one. It's cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes!

This postcard from Meg_Stewart features a cute little chipmunk and the phrase 'A garden is a friend you can visit any time'.


Now it's your turn.  If you are a designer on Zazzle, you are invited to add a link to your gifts for gardeners and gardening related designs in the Linky Tool below.

Use Option 1 in the Link Widget on the page of the Zazzle product/design you'd like to add. It will show up below as a small thumbnail and when clicked on, will link directly to your product.


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  2. Nice gardening collection you selected. I tried adding one of my aprons but didn't see the tool to add. I tried adding it in the comments here but only the link was showing and no thumbnail so I deleted it. I'm not the most technical person. LOL

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